Silvergate Preserve

The Silvergate Preserve is located in Shasta County and consists of a 9 acres of on-site compensatory wetlands preserved to offset the impacts of the Silvergate Development. The Preserve mitigates for impacts to a California Native Plant Society list 1A plant, fox sedge (Carex vulpinoidea). The easement was recorded in January 2008. The wetlands are currently meeting success criteria as defined in the Mitigation and Monitoring Plan that was prepared by Northstate Resources. The mitigated fox sedge plant community is exhibiting signs of natural reproduction. Careful monitoring continues to ensure fox sedge will meet file success criteria before the end of the mitigation monitoring period.

Eureka Preserve

Located in Placer County, this preserve serves as a linkage between other open space easements in the lower Sacramento River watershed. It was required as part of the regulatory process involving the Army Corps of Engineers and is 2 acres in size. This protects seasonal wetland in a ravine which connects downstream to the salmon habitat of Strap Ravine.

Sky Creek Preserve

The Sky Creek Open Space Preserve is located in the City of Chico, Butte County by the Municipal Airport. The preserve, acquired by California Open Lands in December 2006, is approximately 1.5 acres and contains .25 acres of jurisdictional wetland features and a small, created wetland.

The created and enhanced wetland intercepts surface water run-off, filters sediments and removes or retains inorganic compounds to improve water quality. During winter and a portion of the growing season, the seasonal wetland ponds water which provides habitat to resident and migrating wildlife. Currently, the site exists as an intercept for precipitation and an overflow for Mud Creek.

The Sky Creek Preserve is a part of a larger conservation strategy for the Sky Creek Business Park, which includes trails, 0.60 acres of wetlands and 4 acres of protected riparian habitat along Mud Creek managed by the City of Chico.

Meriam Park Preserve

The 42.5-acre Meriam Park Preserve in Butte County, California, is California Open Lands’ largest preserve. Located in the south east of the City of Chico, it consists of two parcels off Humboldt Rd.

Habitats within the preserve include California annual grassland, northern hardpan vernal pools and swales. The preserve contains 10 acres of habitat for Butte County Meadowfoam (Limnanthes floccosa spp. californica). Nearly the entire northern parcel of the preserve has been designated as Vernal Pool Critical Habitat for Butte County Meadowfoam and Tadpole and Fairy Shrimp as surveyed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. It is assumed that the preserve provides also habitat for vernal pool tadpole shrimp (Lepidurus packardi), vernal pool fairy shrimp (Branchinecta lynchi), and California fairy shrimp (Linderiella occidentalis).  Management of the preserve includes livestock grazing and monitoring of restored wetlands and non-native plant species.

Neal Road Preserve

The 3-acre Neal Road Preserve is located south of the City of Chico.  This preserve contains both created and natural wetland features and native vegetation buffer zones and serves as mitigation for the Butte County. The Preserve includes a Mitigation and Monitoring Plan for the creation of 3 acres of wetland on site, and the establishment of 25-foot buffer zones of native vegetation around the wetland. 

The created wetland will provide increased containment and infiltration. Owing to its design and capacity, it will intercept surface run-off, filter sediments, and remove or retain inorganic compounds to improve surface water quality. During winter and a portion of the growing season, the emergent marsh wetland will pond water which provides habitat for resident and migrating wildlife.

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Vineyards Preserve

This Preserve consists of 5 acres of conserved habitats of ephemeral drainages and seasonal wetlands within Blue Oak woodland and Chaparral vegetation in Shasta County in the foothills west of the city of Anderson. The surrounding land is also open space and the preserve provides corridors for migration of wildlife and protection of water quality.

Enclave Preserve

The Enclave at Granite Bay Preserve in Placer County is 5 acres and consists of Mixed Oak woodland with 2 acres of Emergent Marsh dominated by bulrushes and willows. It is contiguous with an existing open space preserve and provides habitat for a great many bird species. It was created to fulfil the regulatory requirements of the Enclave development and provide the citizens of Granite Bay with the benefits of open space and water quality protection.